LTB #119 The Entrepreneurs Trap, Lean Innovation & Top Tips for TV and Radio Interviews

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How much time are you unknowingly wasting at work? About 60% of it according to studies. So how can we rectify that? Specialist Sue Benoke has helpful advice for eliminating unproductive time.

Many new and established business owners fall into the trap of working out who’s the boss, is it you or the job? Gary Neild reveals how to avoid falling into this ‘entrepreneurs trap’.

We have part three of our Lean Startup Series, this time: innovation. What do you need to do to take your simple idea and turn it into a highly desirable product or service? Nick Hixson explains.

It¹s always difficult to get your message heard amongst all the other competing businesses. So when an opportunity presents itself to go on TV or the Radio, how do you make the most of your opportunity? We talk to a broadcaster and media trainer Paul Pennington to get his top tips.

How far would you walk to work? A mile or two, what about a 20 mile round trip, too far? Well not for one guy. Chris Mower has the full story