LTB # 117 Mystery shopping, Franchising for Beginners & Are Britons the hardest working Nation?

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We speak to the head of a mystery shopping company to find out why more businesses are turning to this clandestine method of finding out about their business.

We’ve more this week on getting started in franchising, meeting the CEO and franchisor of the The Business Wealth Club.

We’ll look at crowd funding your business – not by offering rewards in the same way Kickstarter and others do, but giving shares away. Seems risky doesn’t it? Not if you can raise £1 million, twice what you were asking for. We visited NearDesk to find out how they did it.

Nick Hixson explains Lean Startup and how it could benefit your business.

What do successful business owners most regret after retirement? Chris Mower has been investigating.

Plus, how many hours a week do you work, more or less than the UK average? It’s said we are a nation of workaholics, are we?