LTB #116 Buying a Franchise, Copywriting your Ideas & Why flexitime is good for your business

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We meet the CEO of website ‘People Per Hour’. If you’re an expert with a service to offer or your business needs a little extra help, this could be just what you need.

If you fancy running a business, buying a franchise has a lot of benefits as you’re getting a slice of a readymade company. It’s not all laid out on a plate for you though. Are you up to it? What exactly does it take? We find out.

We get the legal lowdown on protecting your ideas by copyrighting them.

When you tot it all up what are you worth? And, if you’re not already, when could you retire? Chris Mower has been finding out.

Plus, it turns out that there is finally scientific evidence that Flexitime is good for you and your business.