LTB #114 How to start a Franchise, A Project Management Masterclass & How long will you survive into retirement?

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Are you working out of your spare room at home? Moving into a serviced office could be an easy step out. We find out what they are and look at the pros and cons with Basepoint Centre Manager, Karl Fuller.

If you fancy running a business, buying a franchise has a lot of benefits as you’re getting a slice of a readymade company. We’ll look at the opportunities presented at one of the country’s largest exhibitions, The Franchise Show in London.

Did you know, that around 500,000 new businesses will be started this year? But the entrepreneur’s journey is not a smooth one. We chat to entrepreneur Paul Tansey, who has analysed his own journey and has some simple tips to make your path much easier.

How much do you pay attention to what is going on around you? Chris Mower has been finding how, using a couple of simple techniques, you can become significantly more observant, almost Sherlock Holmes-like.

How long into retirement do you think you’ll survive; the truth is nobody knows, or do they? New scientific research says otherwise.