LTB #110 Seed Mentoring; Copywriting Masterclass & Online Shopping Trends

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Have you a new product or design you want help with? The go-to people are, apparently The Design Council. We find out from James Duguid how your company can benefit.

If your business idea needs funding and you’d like help running it, help is at hand. We chat to the founder of investment company Seed Mentors, offering funding and mentoring to budding start-ups.

When you have something to say about your business but struggle to get the right words, then copywriting skills are what you need. We chat to a professional copywriter, Lucinda Dawes.

Do you whistle while you work? A once familiar sound across many British workplaces, seem to have died… or has it?

Chris Mower has been looking at this year’s surprising trends in online shopping.

Do you have an old laptop in a cupboard somewhere? A group of scientists have come up with a clever and use for its battery.