LTB #108 Small Business Saturday; 'Fair Tax' Mark & How to Beat Festive Stress!

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Thinking of starting your own business? Former bank manager, now business trainer, Audrey Davies joins me with practical advice for getting your idea off the ground.

With global giants Amazon and Starbucks famously hitting headlines for tax avoidance, could a new ‘fair tax’ mark persuade companies to be more transparent?

For one in 20 people, the festive season is considered more stressful than burglary or even divorce! Becki Houlston has the top stress busting tips to help you cope this Christmas.

Next week is ‘Small Business Saturday’ which is encouraging us not to buy from a national company, but instead give our custom to smaller business. We talk to the organiser, Michelle Ovens.

And if you want to be either a political or business leader then new research says, you’d better eat your greens!