LTB #102 Sales Tactics, Credit Union Loans & The Art of Delegation

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With ‘The Apprentice’ just starting again on BBC 1, you may be wondering how much ineptitude will be on display as each team tries to outsell the other. Later we’ll hear from sales training company experts Pete Stuckey and Chris McManus with tips on how it should be done.

We meet Ben Hunt Davis, an Olympic rowing gold medallist, to discover what entrepreneurs can learn from sport.

We’ll find out how restaurants should calculate their costs and what the consequences of getting it wrong are for diners and restauranteurs.

With many people fed up with banks, Credit Unions are springing up to help people save and to provide loans for a wide variety of things including maybe starting a small business. Financial guru Dorothy Brown explains.

One of the secrets of being a good boss is knowing when to delegate. If only there was a simple rule, well there is now.